>>MPD Memorial Set for Fallen Officer Mitchell

(Minneapolis, MN) — A memorial service is now scheduled for Minneapolis Police Officer Jamal Mitchell, fatally shot in the line of duty one week ago. The memorial will be next Tuesday, June 11th, 11 a-m, at Maple Grove High School, with details expected over the next few days. Mitchell responded to a call about gunfire in Minneapolis’s Whittier neighborhood May 30th and investigators say was ambushed by the shooter, Mustafa Mohammed, who was then killed by police gunfire.

>>First Minnesota HPAI in dairy herd confirmed in Benton County

(Benton County, MN) — Minnesota’s first case of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), or bird flu, in a dairy herd has been confirmed in Benton County. It comes the day after Iowa discovered its first case of bird flu in a dairy herd. The Minnesota Board of Animal Health says a producer noted clinical signs in only a handful of cows over the weekend and found the next day over 40 cows had signs of fever. Officials are urging dairy farmers to monitor their herds, contact their veterinarian immediately if cows appear sick, and practice strict biosecurity to reduce the risk of disease spreading.

>>Top MN officials mark 80th anniversary of D-Day invasion in World War Two

(Normandy, France) — Top Minnesota elected officials from both sides of the political aisle are in Normandy, France for the 80th anniversary of the Allies’ D-Day invasion. Governor Tim Walz is in France on a trade mission and visited Normandy on this historic day. In a statement the governor says, “Those who stormed the shores of Normandy on D-Day demonstrated a fierce commitment to our country and to the ideals of freedom, courage, and sacrifice. Minnesota holds strong ties to this historic day, represented by the many soldiers who courageously risked their lives in the name of liberty.” Sixth District Republican Congressman Tom Emmer posted on X that 80 years ago, “U.S. service members stormed the beaches of Normandy to save the world from the lowest forms of evil.” Emmer says he had the privilege of visiting the American Cemetery in Normandy to remember their sacrifice. President Joe Biden attended the Normandy observance, saying the U-S “will not walk away” from defending Ukraine or allow Russia to threaten Europe.

>>Michael Bloomberg joining A-Rod’s Timberwolves ownership group

(Minneapolis, MN) — Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is reportedly joining Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore’s Timberwolves’ ownership group. The Athletic reports that adding billionaire Bloomberg would allow A-Rod and Lore to pay the luxury tax on the team’s high-priced roster and build a new arena. Owner Glen Taylor called off the deal to sell the team to them in late March because he said they missed a payment deadline. The Wolves are coming off a trip to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in 20 years. Bloomberg is worth an estimated 109 billion dollars.

>>Free Palestine activists to protest Minneapolis speech of former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

(Minneapolis, MN) — Activists with the Free Palestine Coalition plan to protest outside where former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will speak this evening (7pm) in downtown Minneapolis. Wyatt Miller with the Minnesota Anti-War Committee says Bennett is not welcome in the city “because people don’t want to give that kind of message a platform: the message of, Israel is right to be killing tens of thousand of Palestinians, hundreds every day.” John Hinderaker, president of Center of the American Experiment which is hosting the event says, “Five or ten misfits might show up and walk around outside. That’s fine. But it’s not an important part of the event, as far as I’m concerned.” Hinderaker says he’s sure former Prime Minister Bennett will talk about the war in Gaza, the current political situation in Israel, and perhaps about America’s role.

>>Special review by MN Attorney General’s Office concludes 2001 murder conviction in Aitkin County be thrown out

(St. Paul, MN) — The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office is recommending a 2001 first-degree murder conviction in Aitkin County be thrown out — the first such finding by that office’s Conviction Review Unit. Brian Pippitt was found guilty of murdering 84-year-old Evelyn Malin — prosecutors alleging he and four other men burglarized her store for beer and cigarettes and killed her in the process. But the A-G’s review concludes two witnesses provided unreliable and “incentivized testimony” — one in exchange for a favorable plea deal, the other a “jailhouse informant with a mental illness and a federal conviction for bank robbery.” They note that both have since recanted their testimony and other exonerating evidence was overlooked. Attorney General Ellison says the goal is “to ensure that no innocent person is serving time in a Minnesota prison for a crime they did not commit. ”

>>D-Day podcast tonight by Minnesota Military and Veterans Museum

(Camp Ripley, MN) — If you want to know more about what happened on D-Day, 80 years ago today (Thurs), consider joining tonight’s (7pm CDT) podcast zoom call coordinated by the Minnesota Military and Veterans Museum at Camp Ripley. Curator Doug Thompson says one of the featured veterans is Charles “Ace” Parker, company commander of a Ranger unit that landed on Omaha Beach. Thompson says, “His son and daughters will be on our podcast…, so if people have any questions and want to hear it straight from a family member of a bona fide Omaha Beach hero, they can tune in… and ask questions.” Thompson say they’ll also share on-site photos from Normandy. To receive an e-mail invitation with a link, visit mnvetmuseum.org. The D-Day invasion of Normandy on the coast of France on June 6th, 1944 was the largest amphibious invasion in military history, and the beginning of the end of World War Two.


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