>>MN AG Ellison Secures Dismissal of Nonprofit Officials Over Misuse of Funds

(St. Paul, MN) — Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has secured the dismissal of officials from the Action for East African People (AFEAP) nonprofit organization over allegations of misusing funds. A settlement was reached with AFEAP, a Bloomington-based dental clinic serving low-income patients, resulting in the removal of founder/former executive director Ayan Abukar and her daughter, former treasurer/secretary Deqo Siraj. The settlement addresses allegations of over $1.6 million being spent on personal uses and self-dealing. As part of the agreement, any financial accounts linked to the individuals have been terminated, and AFEAP is required to fully comply with civil investigative demands and address governance failures.


>>MN Organizer Martinez Announces STAR’s Refounding

(Minneapolis, MN) — Sam Martinez, a Minnesota organizer for Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR), has announced the refounding of the organization ahead of International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV). STAR, originally founded by Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera during the Queer and Trans Liberation Movement of the 1960s and 1970s, is being revived to combat growing anti-trans, queer, and nonbinary sentiments in the U.S. Martinez encourages people to join the movement with the declaration ‘OUT OF THE CLOSETS AND INTO THE STREETS! TRANS, NON-BINARY, AND QUEER LIBERATION NOW.’


>>Rep. Craig Pushes Biden Administration to Strengthen Access to Essential Health Care Services

(Washington, D.C.) — Representative Angie Craig is urging the Biden Administration to enhance access to 10 essential healthcare services nationwide. In a letter addressed to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Craig advocates for updates to Essential Health Benefits (EHBs) under the Affordable Care Act. This mandates coverage of 10 categories, including ambulatory and emergency care, prescription drugs, and pediatric services.


>>Waite Park Man Pleads Guilty to St. Cloud Bank Robbery

(Minneapolis, MN) — A Waite Park man has pleaded guilty to a St. Cloud bank robbery. Court documents say on May 6th, 2021, 38-year-old Ray McNeary entered a Wells Fargo Bank in St. Cloud alleging fraud on his account. After a bank manager could find no accounts belonging to McNeary, McNeary became enraged and demanded $60,000 in cash be given to him, to which the manager pressed the silent panic alarm. On arrival, St. Cloud police learned five employees were being held hostage by McNeary with a pair of scissors. Negotiations took place, resulting in the release of four hostages, then an end to the standoff around 10:24 p.m. when the manager fled and McNeary was arrested. A sentencing hearing will be scheduled at a later date.


>>Park Rapids Man Charged with Tax Crimes

(St. Paul, MN) — A Park Rapids man owes over $62,000 in income and sales taxes, penalties, and interest after failing to pay his taxes. The Minnesota Department of Revenue says Scott Forbes has been charged with a total of one felony count and 23 misdemeanors in relation to failure to file and pay his taxes. Officials say Forbes did not file an income tax return from 2018-2022 and didn’t pay his taxes from 2017-2022 for himself or his business, Affordable Tree Service. Forbes potentially faces a maximum of 27 years in prison and a $79,000 fine.


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