>>MN House passes “fix” to school resource officer use-of-force law

(St. Paul, MN) — The Minnesota House this afternoon (Mon) on a vote of 124-to-8 passed a compromise bill to “fix” a controversial law passed just last year that governs use-of-force by school-based resource officers. Bill sponsor, New Hope Democrat Cedrick Frazier says, “The bill… clarifies the law regarding the use of force in schools, retaining crucial limitations on practices such as chokeholds, and establishing clear standards for the training and deployment of school resource officers.” Elk River Republican Paul Novotny (nuh-VOTT-nee) says, “I am so relieved that we are finally coming to the end of the road in this bill, and that we can change our focus and get on to the things that we should have been doing in the first week.” Some Republicans have voiced concerns in the Minnesota Senate, where the bill still must clear a key committee before a floor vote.


>>U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Keeping Trump Off Many State Ballots

(Undated) — The U-S Supreme Court today unanimously rejected efforts in Colorado and other states to keep former President Donald Trump off the presidential primary ballot, after a similar ruling last November by the Minnesota Supreme Court. The U-S Supreme Court justices all agreed that allowing Colorado to keep Trump off the ballot could create a “chaotic state-by-state patchwork”. But the justices who dissented with part of the ruling are concerned that only an Act of Congress could keep a presidential candidate off the ballot for insurrection. Hamline University legal analyst David Schultz says the question is, “If Trump were convicted of a crime, would it prevent a court from then saying he can’t also appear on the ballot? I think that’s what was at the focus of the debate there.”


>>MN Secretary of State Simon says U.S. Supreme Court Ruling in Trump Colorado Ballot Case “Provides Voters the Clarity… They Deserve”

(St. Paul, MN) — “Voters are in charge of what happens next,” says Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon after the U-S Supreme Court rejected attempts in Colorado and other states to keep former President Donald Trump off the presidential primary ballot. The decision comes one day before “Super Tuesday” in Minnesota and 15 other states. Simon says the unanimous ruling “provides voters the clarity and finality they deserve.” The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled last November that Trump would remain on the presidential primary ballot in Minnesota, but a different ruling by the U-S Supreme Court would have taken precedence.


>>Deadly Afton Plane Crash Victims Identified

(Afton, MN) — The F-A-A and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating a plane crash near Afton that left two people dead. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office says crews found a small aircraft fully engulfed in flames Saturday morning that crashed into the yard of a home. Firefighters put out the flames and located the bodies of 85-year-old William Moore of White Bear Lake and 68-year-old Mitchell Zahler of Baytown. Neighbors reported hearing a small explosion before authorities located the plane.


>>MN AG Ellison Addresses Employers Denying Employees Full Benefits with Misclassification with New Bill

(St. Paul, MN) – Crack down on employers who avoid paying for benefits or unemployment, by misclassifying workers who are actually employees as independent contractors — the goal of a bill unveiled today at the State Capitol. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison says the “gig economy” is growing and”We can’t move backward to a model that leaves workers on their own and unprotected. We’re in the 2020s, not the 1820s.” Backers say the bill will level the playing field for all businesses by punishing “bad actors.” There’s a hearing tomorrow (Tues) in the Minnesota House and later in the week in the Senate.


>>Canadian Man Pleads Guilty to $30M Fraud Scheme

(Minneapolis, MN) — A Canadian man has pleaded guilty to participating in a $30 million nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme targeting elderly and vulnerable victims. Court documents say co-owner of Readers Services, 36-year-old Abdou Diallo of Montreal, Quebec, and others, exploited individuals previously victimized by fraudulent magazine companies between 2011 and 2020. Diallo, pretending to be a representative from the “magazine cancellation department,” contacted victims to settle alleged outstanding balances and cancel subscriptions for a large lump-sum payment. The scheme defrauded over 20,000 victims of nearly $30 million. A sentencing hearing is set for June 5, 2024.


>>National Red Cross Month Reminds Minnesotans to Give Back

(Undated) – The American Red Cross is observing its annual tradition of encouraging people to give back to their communities. According to Carrie Carlson-Guest, spokesperson for the Minnesota and Dakotas Region, Red Cross Month has been a national practice since 1943 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued the first proclamation. Beginning in 1943, President Roosevelt issued the first Red Cross Month proclamation, inspiring people to get involved with their communities. Carlson-Guest says this can include giving blood, volunteering, taking a class, or making a financial donation. More details and sign-up options are available on the Red Cross website at (redcross.org/mndaks).


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