>>St. Paul Public Schools Avoid Teacher Strike with Tentative Agreement

(St. Paul, MN) — St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS) has averted a potential teacher strike after reaching a tentative agreement with its educators days before their scheduled strike date. School district officials said they’d share details once both sides approve the agreement. This comes amid ongoing labor actions, including a one-day strike by over 1,000 nursing home workers advocating for better wages, increased respect, and safer staffing levels, alongside thousands of other Twin Cities employees preparing for imminent strikes.

>>Nursing home workers on one-day strike in Twin Cities

(Various)  —  Nursing home workers are on a one-day strike across the metro area today (TUES), demanding a $25 minimum wage, improved working conditions, and safe staffing levels.  SEIU Minnesota and Iowa union President Jamie Gulley says this is the biggest nursing home strike in state history and couldn’t wait any longer.  Gulley says, “We have been working short too long. We worked through the pandemic, and we were essential. We expect to be paid and respected for the work we have done for this community and the residents daily.”  He says nearly a thousand union workers across 12 metro nursing facilities are striking today. This follows strike authorizations from over 10,000 workers in the Twin Cities, asking employers to address high rents, climate justice, and other issues.

>>Bill would put new state flag and seal designs to a public vote this fall

(St. Paul, MN)  —  A bill backed by Republican lawmakers would put Minnesota’s new state flag and seal designs to a public vote this fall.  Senator Steve Drazkowski from Mazeppa says, “We need to let the people of Minnesota have input and be heard in this process.”  Drazkowski says if the public gives a thumbs-down, it’s back to the state flag and seal drawing board.  Secretary of State Steve Simon says a public vote wouldn’t be constitutional because Minnesota doesn’t have initiative-and-referendum, and “the only statewide votes are for candidates or amendments to the Minnesota Constitution.”  Fairmont Representative Bjorn (bee-YORN) Olson responds to the legislature, “We regularly… allow referendums to be placed on local ballots and local initiatives.  You talk about local-option sales taxes.”

>>Vice-chair of special commission defends process of choosing designs for new state flag and seal

(Marshall, MN)  —  The vice chair of the State Emblems Redesign Commission says she doesn’t understand why some people are angry about the new Minnesota flag and seal. Anita Gaul of Marshall says they received thousands of design submissions and tens of thousands of public comments “which the commission members looked at and used to guide our decisions.”  Gaul says, “The claim there wasn’t enough public input, that this is somehow undemocratic, that’s just false. So I’m saddened by this effort.”  Gaul says there has been a decades-long movement to change the state flag and seal. Rochester flag store owner Lee Herold says the outgoing Minnesota flag was never popular until the commission approved the new one in December.

>>Lotto America Ticket Worth $1.8 Million Sold in Minnesota

(Roseville, MN) —   State lottery officials say a player in Minnesota won nearly one point eight million dollars in Monday night’s Lotto America drawing.  The Minnesota Lottery website shows the winning ticket was purchased at a Cub Foods store in Roseville.    The numbers in the March 4th drawing are 4, 5, 8, 22, 47, and the Star Ball is 6.  Large prizes must be claimed at the Minnesota Lottery headquarters in Roseville.

>>Blue Earth County Searches for Vehicle Chase, Theft Suspect

(Blue Earth County, MN) — The Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help finding a suspect involved in a vehicle chase and theft this morning (TUES). 25-year-old Eric Vanmeveren of Garvin is suspected of stealing a 2012 GMN Sierra pickup with Minnesota license plate 733KMU. Vanmeveren fled in the vehicle from Brown County deputies around 1 a.m. The pursuit ended when officials deployed Stop Stick tire deflation devices, but Vanmeveren fled on foot. Anyone with information is asked to call 911.

>>Border Collie Saved from Icy a Chisago County Lake

(Chisago County, MN) — A border collie named Honey was rescued from the icy waters of South Lindstrom Lake in Chisago County Monday. Deputies responded to a 911 call of a dog breaking through the ice around 6:15 p.m. A rescue team deployed a kayak to save Honey, who was reunited with her owner.

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