>>Feds Investigating Edina Schools for Suspending Two Muslim Students

(Edina, MN) — The U-S Department of Education is investigating Edina Public Schools for suspending two students who took part in a walkout in support of Palestine.   They were suspended for three days for chanting “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free” during the October 25th protest.   Some people believe that chant is antisemitic.  Lawyers for the Muslim students allege the discrimination violates their civil rights. Edina Public Schools says in a statement, “Students do not have unfettered First Amendment rights while on school property and students do not have a right under the First Amendment to engage in speech that is substantially disruptive or that violates district policies.”

>>Gender Wage Gaps Persist Among Healthcare Workers

(Minneapolis, MN) — A new study by the University of Minnesota shows gender wage gaps persist among healthcare workers. U-of-M Associate Professor Janette(jah-NET) Dill says not a lot has changed over the past 20 years. She says for physicians the gender wage gap has got a lot better. Women closed that gap. But for nurses, it’s about the same, it hasn’t changed at all. Dill says the gender wage gap has stagnated or grown larger in some lower-education occupations, where men’s percentage of the workforce has increased. Dill says there is some evidence that having more women managers can help reduce the gender wage gap. She adds they also found the gender wage gap remains larger in high-education occupations compared to lower-education healthcare occupations – meaning women with several years of education and training are earning a fraction of what their male counterparts are making.

>>MN Supreme Court Gives Detailed Opinion in Trump Ballot Case

(St. Paul, MN) — The Minnesota Supreme Court is giving more details about its ruling that former President Donald Trump can remain on the state’s primary ballot. The November ruling dismissed a lawsuit that sought to keep Trump off the ballot based on a section of the Constitution that makes candidates ineligible if they have supported an insurrection.  The justices agreed that there is no Minnesota law to keep an ineligible candidate from being on the primary ballot if their party allows them to be there. It also said the ruling could be revisited ahead of the general election if Trump is the Republican Party nominee.

>>Minnesota High Court Upholds Removal Of Otto Bremer Trust Leader

(St. Paul, MN) — The Minnesota Supreme Court is upholding the removal of a trustee of one of the state’s largest philanthropies.   The state’s highest court ruled yesterday that Brad Lipshultz will remain off the board of trustees with Otto Bremer Trust.  The court determined that Lipshultz repeatedly placed his priorities over the Trust by using his assistant for his own personal and other non-trust-related duties.  The Minnesota Supreme Court also agreed he used his position of power to intimidate a grantee on matters unrelated to any charitable purposes.

>>Becker County Commissioners Urge State Lawmakers To Reject New Flag

(Detroit Lakes, MN) — The Becker County Board of Commissioners is joining several other counties in opposing Minnesota’s new state flag and seal.  Commissioners voted unanimously on a resolution urging the governor and legislature to reject the new designs.  The resolution stated the existing flag and seal contain historical symbolism representing Minnesota farming and the state’s Native American heritage.  Elected officials in Crow Wing, McLeod, and Houston counties have also announced they are not in favor of adopting the new flag.

>>MSU Mankato To Hold Screening of Arik Matson Documentary

(Mankato, MN) — Minnesota State University-Mankato will be holding a free screening of a documentary about a Waseca police officer who was shot and wounded in 2020.  Arik Matson was shot in the head while responding to a call about a suspicious person.  Filmmakers have tracked Matson’s recovery from the shooting in a 65-minute documentary called “The Weight of the Crown.”  Matson, who is an MSU-Mankato graduate, will do a meet and greet before the film’s screening on February 18th.

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