>>Senator Smith Comments on Walz, Democratic Governors Meeting with President Biden

(Rapidan Township, MN) — President Joe Biden plans a meeting today (Wed) with the Democratic Governors Association — and its chairman, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, will reportedly be among those at the White House. The meeting comes after Biden’s “off night” in Thursday’s debate. U-S Senator Tina Smith says voters will have to make up their own minds about whether Biden should stay in the race. Smith said about the debate, “but I also think that what former President Trump did, is he painted a very dark picture of America. He consistently told lies in the debate, and I think that Americans should look at that.” Biden’s opponents claim he demonstrated Thursday night that he’s not fit to the president of the United States.


>>Dakota County Attorney Determines Burnsville Officers Justified in Use of Deadly Force

(Hastings, MN) — Prosecutors say the B-C-A investigation into the use of deadly force by three Burnsville police officers in February confirms they were justified in firing their guns. Dakota County Attorney Kathy Keena says, “there is absolutely no doubt the officers were justified in using deadly force to protect themselves, other officers, first responders, and members of the public from death or great bodily harm.” Burnsville Officers Matthew Ruge, Paul Elmstrand, and Fire Medic Adam Finseth were fatally shot during the domestic incident. Keena said, “all three men embodied the spirit of a public servant as they selflessly acted to protect seven children from the hands of Shannon Gooden. ”


>>Bill Introduced by Representative Craig Cracks Down on Social Media Drug Trafficking

(Hastings, MN) — A bill introduced Tuesday by Minnesota Congresswoman Angie Craig cracks down on the sale of fentanyl and other illicit drugs on social media. Craig says the Cooper Davis and Devin Norring Act will hold social media companies accountable for allowing drug trafficking on their media platforms and l help local enforcement counter the sale of illicit drugs. She says it requires social media companies to alert law enforcement about illicit drug dealing on their platforms. The bill is named in honor of 19-year-old Devin Norring of Hastings, who died in April 2020 of fentanyl poisoning.  Senator Amy Klobuchar is also carrying the bill and it is headed to the U-S Senate floor.


>>Charges Filed in Accidental Shooting of 6-Year-Old in Southeastern Minnesota

(Elgin, MN) — The parents of a six-year-old boy who was accidentally shot in Wabasha County are facing child endangerment and firearms charges. Prosecutors say a loaded shotgun was left unsecured in a vehicle on June 25th in Elgin and the victim was shot by one of two other children in the car. Deputies say Raymond Duque and Nicole McGee were inside the house when the boy was shot and later arrested. The victim remains in the hospital.


>>Cat Survives 12-Story Fall from Minneapolis Apartment Balcony

(Minneapolis, MN) — An investigation is ongoing after reports that a cat was thrown from the 12th floor balcony of a Minneapolis apartment. Rue, a year-old tabby-and-white cat, survived the fall thanks to a series of surgeries — her injuries including two broken legs and lower jaw fractures. There was a third-hand report from the scene that Rue was a neighbor’s cat and they didn’t want her anymore. Minneapolis Animal Care and Control Director Tony Schendel says the investigation so far has resulted in not finding any witnesses who saw a cat being thrown. He says while a juvenile on the scene was able to share some details about what potentially occurred, those instances have not been corroborated. Officials say such an act against an animal would be a criminal felony, but right now they have no evidence to show that a crime took place.


>>Minneapolis Park Workers to Strike Beginning July 4th

(Minneapolis, MN) — The union representing more than 300 Minneapolis Park workers says they’ll go on strike for one week beginning July 4th. They say seven months of negotiations with the Park and Recreation Board has not produced a new labor contract. The Board says it made a final offer Monday night of a 10.25% wage increase over three-years. The strike is expected to leave golf courses and parks short-staffed for the Fourth of July holiday.


>>Minnesota Lynx Players Collier and McBride Named W-N-B-A All-Stars

(Minneapolis, MN) — Minnesota Lynx forward Napheesa Collier and guard Kayla McBride are headed to the W-N-B-A All-Star Game in Phoenix. The July 20th matchup will feature the U-S Women’s National Team vs. Team W-N-B-A. Collier will be on Team U-S-A while McBride will play on the W-N-B-A squad. This is the fourth All-Star selection for both Collier and McBride. The Lynx fell to the New York Liberty 76-67 Tuesday night in Brooklyn.





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