>>Hamline Analyst Weighs in on Miu Verdict

(St. Paul, MN) — Hamline University analyst David Schultz says he’s not surprised at the verdict in the Apple River stabbings case and says Nicolae Miu’s conviction is probably at the lowest level for having taken a human life. Schultz says to the jury, “I think they looked at it and said, maybe he was provoked (but) maybe provoked not to the degree enough for it to be a self-defense, but certainly enough to bring it (the conviction) down from any type of intentionality.” The western Wisconsin jury convicted Miu of first-degree reckless homicide in the stabbing death of 17-year-old Isaac Schuman from Stillwater. Miu was also convicted of reckless endangerment for stabbing four others in Schuman’s group, plus one count of battery against another person — but *not* of charges of intentional crimes.

>>MPLS City Council Delays Controversial Uber/Lyft Pay Ordinance

(Minneapolis, MN) — The Minneapolis City Council today (Thurs) voted unanimously to delay the start of the controversial Uber/Lyft driver-pay ordinance by two months until July 1st. But councilmembers soundly rejected a proposal to cancel the ordinance completely. Republicans in the legislature are pushing to repeal the Minneapolis ordinance. Democrats say they’re working on a statewide plan to ensure drivers get a fair wage, plus give ridesharing companies financial room to continue operating in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota.

>>Dead Body Found by Dogwalker near Rochester Nature Center

(Rochester, MN) — A dead body found east of Rochester Wednesday is believed to be a missing person reported to the Rochester Police Department in March 2023. The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office responded to the discovery near 1:30 p.m. in a wooded area near Quarry Hill Nature Center, where a dog walker came across the body. The corpse is believed to have been in the elements for a prolonged time, making initial identification difficult. Deputies say they will release the name after the family is notified. No foul play is suspected, and the investigation is ongoing.

>>Foley Couple Charged with Multiple Tax Crimes

(St. Paul, MN) — A Foley couple has been charged with six counts of felony tax fraud each. Complaints report Ian and Jessica Stocco failed to file individual income tax returns from 2017-2022 despite earning income from Ian’s business, All American Arborists. The Stocco’s owe over $129,000 in income tax, penalties, and interest. Each felony charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison, a $10,000 fine, or both.

>>MN State Patrol Names Interim Chief Bogojevic as New Chief

(St. Paul, MN) — Interim Colonel Christina Bogojevic (Bogo-YAY-vich) has been named the Minnesota State Patrol’s next Chief and will officially take over on May 2nd. Bogojevic (Bogo-YAY-vich) joined the State Patrol in 2003 and has served as second-in-command since December 2022. Following Anee Beer’s run from 1997-2005, she will be the second woman to head the agency. Bogojevic says she looks forward to collaborating on new ideas and efforts to lower Minnesota’s traffic fatality rate, which is up this year compared to last year. This comes after Colonel Matt Langer stepped down from the role after 25 years total with the agency, the previous decade as Chief, to become the International Associations of Chiefs of Police (IACP) director of global policing.

>>No Major Changes in U-S Drought Monitor Map for Minnesota

(Lincoln, NE) — There are no major changes in this week’s U-S Drought Monitor map for Minnesota. The percentage of the state in a moderate drought increased from 43 to 44 percent, and severe drought is unchanged at just over 11 percent. The U-S-D-A reports 87 percent of Minnesota is abnormally dry compared to 98 percent last week. Parts of eastern and central Minnesota received more than an inch of precipitation on Sunday and Monday.


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