>>V.P. Harris Visits St. Paul Planned Parenthood Clinic

(St. Paul, MN) — Vice President Kamala  Harris visited a Planned Parenthood clinic in Saint Paul today (Thurs) as part of her “Fight for Reproductive Freedoms” tour, which she launched in January in neighboring Wisconsin.  Harris says the U-S Supreme Court overturning Roe -v- Wade has closed abortion clinics in many states, causing “a very serious health crisis” that affects people who are mostly silently suffering. “I’m here at this health care clinic to uplift the work happening in Minnesota as an example of what true leadership looks like.” About efforts to put Roe’s abortion protections into federal law, Harris says, “Congress will pass that bill when we win back the House.”  Abortion opponents say not only will that *not* happen, but they’ll also win back the majority in the *Minnesota* House.

>>Gooden’s Girlfriend Indicted on Federal Charges

(Minneapolis, MN) — The longtime live-in girlfriend of Shannon Gooden, the man responsible for killing three first responders in Burnsville last month, has been federally indicted on allegations of straw purchasing multiple guns. U.S. Attorney Andrew Lugar says 35-year-old Ashley Dyrdahl(Deer-Doll) knew Gooden was prohibited from owning guns but still went ahead with the purchases. In a text message to Gooden, Drydahl cautioned him about their illegal gun purchases and told him to be careful. In a second chilling text message exchange, Drydahl asked Gooden how he liked a new Glock 47 semi-automatic pistol she had just purchased for him. He responded by sending her a video in which he loaded the Glock 47 with an extended magazine. She responded with a smiling heart emoji. Lugar says between September of 2023 and January 2024, Drydahl repeatedly visited gun stores at Gooden’s direction and purchased or picked up five specific firearms he chose.

>>MPLS City Council Overrides Mayor Frey’s Veto of Uber/Lyft Ordinance

(Minneapolis, MN) — An ordinance setting minimum pay for rideshare drivers will take effect May 1st in Minneapolis after the city council today (Thurs) overrode Mayor Jacob Frey’s (Fries) veto.  Uber and Lyft threatened to pull out of the market if the measure takes effect, and Mayor Frey (FRY) says “Our whole state needs to be prepared” — riders and as well as drivers. Frey says if Uber and Lyft leave, options are “not plentiful” to replace rideshare services. In statements soon after the vote, Uber said  it will “stop operating a transportation network in the entire metro area including the airport,” and Lyft said it will be “shutting down operations in Minneapolis.”

>>Officials Identify Elderly Woman Killed in Home Fire Near Ely

(Morse, MN) — Officials have identified the victim of a fatal home fire near Ely on February 24th as 77-year-old Carol Lindbeck. First responders attempted to find Lindbeck in the thick smoke but were unsuccessful. She was found dead once the fire was contained. The investigation concluded that the fire was accidental and started near the fireplace inside the home. Lindbeck was the sole resident.

>>Meta Data Center Coming to Roseville

(Rosemount, MN) — An $800 million data center set to create over 1,000 jobs is coming to Rosemount. Brad Davis, a spokesperson for Meta, Facebook’s parent company, says this project will help people connect with friends and family and help grow communities and businesses.  He says Rosemount is the perfect home for Meta thanks to its infrastructure access, renewable energy, strong talents, and great community partners.

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