>>Gov. Walz to Give State of the State Address Tonight in Owatonna

(Owatonna, MN) — Governor Tim Walz is taking tonight’s State of the State Address outside the usual venue at the Minnesota Capitol and going to Owatonna High School in south-central Minnesota. Hamline University political analyst David Schultz says if the governor wants his message to resonate with a broader audience in Greater Minnesota, he might have to adjust his emphasis “to economic issues like infrastructure and development while downplaying social issues like abortion.” At the same time, Democrats in the Minnesota House and Senate are talking about putting an abortion rights constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2026. Join Professor Schultz and MNN’s Bill Werner for live coverage of the governor’s State of the State speech at 6:55 p.m. tonight on many of these MNN stations.


>>Palestine Solidarity Activists to Demand Gaza Ceasefire from Gov. Walz During 2024 State of the State Address

(Owatonna, MN) — Palestine solidarity activists from the Minnesota Anti-War Committee (AWC), Mankato for a Free Palestine, and the Rochester Solidarity with Palestine Committee will protest at Owatonna High School tonight for Governor Tim Walz’s 2024 State of the State Address. The group says they will demand Walz and the State Board of Investment (SBI) divest from Israel weapons manufacturers, banks, bonds, and other entities considered complicit in Israel’s attack on Palestine.


>>Minnesota Man Played Air Guitar In Vehicle Before Deadly Crash

(Carlton County, MN) — Investigators say a driver admitted to playing air guitar inside a moving vehicle immediately before a deadly crash in Carlton County last week. 21-year-old Brent Keranen of Pengilly reportedly told investigators he was “jamming out” to a good song on the radio when the vehicle’s airbags suddenly deployed. Sixty-one-year-old Justin McNeil of Moose Lake was walking on the shoulder of Highway 73 when he was hit and killed last Thursday. Police have charged Keranen with criminal vehicular manslaughter in connection with the crash.


>>MDH Promotes Diabetes Alert Day

(Undated) – Today is Diabetes Alert Day and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) asks residents to ask themselves, what is prediabetes, and do I have it? Diabetes Program Planner Kim Matteen says three out of four Minnesotans with prediabetes are unaware they have it, a silent but preventable killer. She explains prediabetes is when sugar is staying in your blood longer than it should and your body isn’t utilizing it. Matteen says everyone should visit DoIHavePrediabetes.org to take a quick and easy assessment to see if they’re at risk for developing Type II Diabetes.


>>Biden Names Harris as State Director for Re-election Campaign

(Washington, DC) — President Joe Biden has expanded his Minnesota re-election team by adding new members. The Biden campaign announced that Ron Harris would serve as the state director for Minnesota. Harris sits on the Democratic National Committee’s executive committee and previously ran for Minnesota’s Third District congressional seat. Additionally, Alana Petersen and Justin Buoen will join the campaign as senior advisers. Both have extensive experience in state politics, including working on campaigns for Governor Walz and Minnesota’s U.S. senators.


>>Salmonella Could be Lurking in Your Pet’s Food, Water Bowls, Mayo Clinic Dr. Comments

(Rochester, MN) – Do you wash your pet’s food and water bowls regularly? If not, you could create an environment harboring salmonella, which can infect you and your furry friend. While salmonella is a common cause of food poisoning, it can also be spread by animals and their environments. Mayo Clinic Dr. Tina Ardon says salmonella is a bacterial infection that people can get from touching contaminated food, contaminated water, or from their pets and their food and their feces. Ardon says prevention is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe from salmonella: washing your hands frequently, especially your pet’s bowls regularly, and being thoughtful about their food source. Young children, older adults, and immunocompromised people are especially at high risk of getting sick from salmonella infection.


>>Minnesota Twins Playing Final Spring Training Game in Fort Myers

(Fort Myers, FL) — The Minnesota Twins are playing their last spring training game this afternoon against the Atlanta Braves in Fort Myers. Louie Varland is the starting pitcher for the Grapefruit League finale in Florida. The Twins open the regular season Thursday at Kansas City. Pablo Lopez will start for Minnesota on Opening Day.


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