>>President Biden to Deliver State of the Union Address, Sen. Smith Bringing Red River Women’s Clinic Director as Guest

(Undated) – President Joe Biden delivers his State of the Union address tonight (8 p.m. CT) to a joint session of Congress, two days after the Super Tuesday primaries cast the November election as a likely rematch between him and former President Donald Trump. Senator Tina Smith’s guest for tonight’s speech is Tammi Kromenaker, director of the Red River Women’s Clinic — which was forced to move from Fargo to Moorhead after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe -v- Wade in June 2022. The day the decision came down, Kromenacker said “Even though we knew this was coming, it still was a shock to see it — to see that, like, they actually really did it.” Senator Smith says Minnesota is now an island for abortion care in the Upper Midwest, and thousands of people count on Red River Women’s Clinic for their health care.


>>Job Growth Continues Across the State

(St. Paul, MN) — Minnesota is experiencing a steady expansion of job opportunities. The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development reports this growth has been consistent for nine out of the past 12 months. Matt Varilek, the commissioner of DEED says the state is observing a healthy rise in employment opportunities. This development is coupled with wages that are surpassing inflation, which is great news for employees. Between December and January, the state registered an increase of 3,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate sits at 2.7%.


>>Memorial For Burnsville First Responders To Be Taken Down

(Burnsville, MN) — Officials in Burnsville will begin taking down a makeshift memorial outside Burnsville City Hall this weekend. The memorial was created to honor two police officers and a firefighter-paramedic who tragically lost their lives while responding to a domestic disturbance on February 18th. Mourners have left flowers, balloons, cards, and other items on three emergency vehicles parked outside the building. City officials have stated they will begin privately decommissioning the memorial on Sunday.


>>St. Paul City Council Unanimously Passes Gaza Cease-Fire Resolution

(St. Paul, MN) — Leaders in St. Paul have passed a resolution in solidarity with their counterparts in Minneapolis, calling for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza. The city council members unanimously voted for a resolution demanding an immediate cease-fire, the release of all hostages, and an end to the “unconditional” U.S. military aid to Israel. The resolution also condemned Hamas for its violent attacks on Israeli civilians. This resolution comes one day after 45,000 Minnesotans marked the “uncommitted” line on their Democratic primary ballots in support of a permanent cease-fire in Gaza.


>>Fargo-Moorhead Law Enforcement Launching Threat Assessment Team

(Moorhead, MN) – Law enforcement in the Fargo-Moorhead area is launching what officials call a unique across-borders collaboration to assess potential threats and people showing signs of violence. Cass County, North Dakota Sheriff Jesse Jahner says “If the team can use evidence to identify that someone may be on the pathway to violence, the team will work collaboratively to try and get them off that pathway.” Sheriff Jahner says it’s been in the works since before the July 2023 ambush by a man on a Fargo street that took the life of Officer Jake Wallin and critically wounded two other officers and a civilian. Officials say the threat assessment team is a partnership between law enforcement, the courts, and federal, state, and local agencies.


>>Minnesota DNR Holding Job Fair Tomorrow In Cloquet

(St. Paul, MN) — The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources held a job fair in St. Paul yesterday and plans to hold another one tomorrow in Cloquet. The agency is looking for conservation officers and recruiting for its CO Prep program. This multi-week training program provides a pathway for those without law enforcement experience to become conservation officers. The recruitment drive will continue until the end of this month.


>>MDH to Comply with CDC’s COVID-19 Isolation Change

(Undated) – As of March 1st, the CDC has dropped its five-day isolation guidance for individuals testing positive for COVID-19, instead, replacing it with a general guidance to stay home and away from others if experiencing symptoms. Minnesota Department of Health Epidemiologist Karen Martin says “While the new guidance does seem like a significant cut in restrictions, what it’s actually doing is broadening the recommendation to include any respiratory illness.” The MDH will follow the CDC’s guidance, with Martin noting that individuals can resume normal activities after 24 hours if they no longer have a fever without the aid of medication.


>>Target Launches Monthly Subscription Program

(Minneapolis, MN) — Target, the Minneapolis-based retail giant, is set to launch its own paid membership program in April, following the footsteps of its rivals Amazon and Walmart. The subscription program, called Circle 360, will cost $99 per year and will offer multiple perks, including unlimited free same-day delivery for orders above $35. Target’s digital sales have declined for the past year, and the company hopes that the membership program will boost its e-commerce business.


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